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Staying Home Safely in an Emergency

If you cannot evacuate, designate a room in your home as a safety zone where you and your pets can stay together.

a. Close off nooks and crannies where pets may hide in your home.

b. Remove dangerous tools or objects and chemicals out of the area.

c. Bring pets indoors as soon as possible. Keep them in carriers and/or leashed. Be sure their identification tags are on their collar.

d. Put plastic around and use strong tape to cut off fireplaces, doggie doors, and vents.

e. In the safe room put all the supplies you will need: Carriers, Food & Water in airtight containers, Pet emergency supplies, and Medication.

f. Listen to radio to find out when it is safe to come out.

After the disaster still keep your pets on leashes and in carriers. Do Not let them roam free. All of their familiar surrounding and smells may be gone. Be patient with your pets and get them back to a normal routine as soon as possible.

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