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Prepare Your Pets Now for an Emergency: Part II Put together Your Documents

Put Documents in Order

a. Be sure your pet has an identification tag with your cell phone number and/or a microchip. Use your cell phone number because in an emergency the landlines may be down and you may not be at home. Be sure the microchip is in your name. If your pet is sheltered the microchip information is to whom your pet will be released.

b. Take a picture of you and your pet. In the picture post a written poster with your name and your pet's name and your phone number or Driver's License Number. If you need to take your pet to an emergency shelter you will need identification in order to visit or pick up your pet. A picture is worth a thousand documents.

c. Start a file that can be put in a large plastic bag to keep your pets' essential information. In the file should be the picture you just took of your pet, their microchip information, purchase, registration or adoption records, list of any medications or physical limitations of your pet, current vaccination records and pet's routine.

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