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Pet Sitting

Treat you and your pets to our home pet sitting service.  Your pet gets to stay at home in his own environment in his own bed with his own food and toys.  His pet sitter will come to feed him, administer any medications or supplements, take him for a short walk, give him treats, and plenty of affection and belly rubs.

The same sitter comes for all of your pets' visits.  She will become his favorite person because all her time will be doing

all of his favorite things.  

Our service also takes care of you, too.  Your pets' sitter will text you with an update on how your pet is doing at home each visit and you may get some cute pictures, too.  In addition to your updates, you do not have to worry about getting your pets to the kennel and rushing home to pick them up from the kennel before they close.  And if you don't make it there in time it could mean you pet stays another day, costing you more money and going home without your furry family member.  With our home pet sitting service your pet is home waiting for you whenever you arrive home, with his happy barks or meows and kisses.

We take care of all of your pets while your gone.  The fish get fed, the dog and cat get fed and loved, the guinea pigs, birds, reptiles, horses, donkeys, goats and any other pets will be cared for as well.  We take care of all your of pets.  

In addition, we will water your garden and plants, pick up your mail, and add security to your house by alternating lights and rolling out garbage cans on service nights.  

Once you are set up as one of our pet families, we are available when you need us.  Your family sitter will can come on just a few days notice or in a pitch when you cannot get home tonight to feed your pets.  TLAC makes it convenient for you to accept last minute invitations or make plans for the upcoming weekend, knowing that we will take care of your furry family members.

Cost:  $20 for one pet, $4 for each additonal pet

30 minute Visit

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