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Home Pet Sitting 


Available when you and your need us.

Can arrange pet sit the week before a Holiday. 

Puppies without all their shots can be at home without the danger of getting parvo

No special shots are required


We have a free greet and meet for your pets and you to meet your sitter. The same sitter will come for all of the visits so your pet is familiar with them.

Your pet sitter gives your pet one-on-one attention...a walk, belly rubs, playtime, or time sitting on our lap.

Your pet is home in his own familiar environment. No loud noises or new smells.  

Home is comfortable for your pet.  A place where he can sleep and play, like normal.

No worries about stomach upsets. Only the food you have in your home is avaialbe to feed your pet.  

There is not danger of other pets being contagious and giving your pet a disease.


No Stress for you or your pet.  He is at home where he will be visited by his sitter.  He still has all the smells of his family and knows you are coming back. 

It does not matter what time you leave or come home.  Your pet is at home waiting to welcome you home with a wagging tail.  


Your cat is home wandering around the house as usual without being confined.


When we come to your home we take care of all your, guinea pigs, mice, horses, donkeys, chickens, birds, etc.


We charge by the visit and the amount of time it takes to care for your pets.  A typical 30 minute visit for one pet is $18.  Additional pets are $4.  We come for as many visits as your pets might need. 

It does not matter what time you get home. There are not any extra charges if you are late.  And your pet is waiting at home. 


Your pet sitter texts you after every visit and sends pictures to assure you that your pet is being well taken care of at home. 


With your pet sitter coming and going and bringing in the mail and newspaper and alternating lights, it looks like you are home, offering your home security as well. 


Availability limited to number of kennels.

Must reserve Holiday Space six months or more in advance. 

Puppies that have not had all their shots cannot stay at a kennel

Pets must have all shots and a kennel cough shot

Although you meet the staff at the front desk, they may not be the people that take care of your pet. Caretakers may change while your pet is visiting.

Most of the time your pet is in a cage without anyone paying attention to them. 

You pet is in a foreign enviroment with other loud barking dogs and foreign smells.

Kennels are built on concrete floors and steel cages that are attached to other cages.  

Accidents can happen, and your pet could be fed different food than he is accustom to.  

Sanitation and contagious diseases are of concer when your pet stays at a kennel...diseases like kennel cough or fleas.

STRESS!  Some pets do not like to be in the care. Then there is the stay at the kennel that is stressful for them. All the foreign smells and he may not be sure your have not abandonded him.  

Kennel hours are not usually convenient. You are being rushed to get to the kennel before they close to drop off or pick up your pet. 

Many kennels have limited space to house cats. Usually cats are kept in a condo with limited space. 

Kennels usually do not take other types of pets.

The kennel charges for each pet you have, even if they are in the same kennel.  Typical charges are $40-50 per pet.  

If you cannot get to the kennel before it closes you will be charged for an additional day. On Sunday the kennel is usually not open and you have to pay an extra day and have to wait to pick up your pet.  

The kennel does not communicate with you while you are gone.  

No one is checking on your home while you are gone.  

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