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About Tender Loving Animal Care

Owners and Philosophy

Tender Loving Animal Care is owned by two sisters, Teresa Bergen and Belinda Zuckswert.  Teresa and Belinda are pet lovers.  We are licensed, bonded and insured. TLAC has been keeping pets in their own homes with loving care for over 10 years. 


We think that your pets would rather be at home, instead of kennel when you are not available to take care of them. They are in their own environment with familiar sights and smells.  They do not feel abandoned because they are in their own home, just waiting for you to return. It is so less stressful for them, and for you, too.


Hiring and Training Pet Sitters

Tender Loving Animal Care is very aware that we are asking you to trust our sitters to come into your home and to take care of your cherished fur babies.  We have an extensive interview and training process for all of our sitters.  To ensure that your pets will love our sitters we add pets in the last in person interview. Our pets must also approve of the the sitter in the interview to be hired. We do contact references, and in addition do personal and criminal background checks.

We spend time training our sitters with all of our 10 years of experience, before they are ready to meet you and your pets. There are standards of care that we require for all of our sitters.

Your Sitter

Each of our pet families has their own family sitter. Before you go out of town, your sitter will come for our Free Greet and Meet.  You get to meet our sitter.  Your pets get to know their sitter and get your permission that is okay for them to be in your home.  At the greet and meet you have the opportunity to see how your pet responds to your sitter and to give the sitter any special instructions for taking care of your pet and your home.  


Pet Updates Each Visit

While you are gone, your sitter will send you a text after each visit with your pet. She will let you know how they are doing and ask any questions that have come up. In addition, you will get a few pictures so you can see for yourself how your furry love ones are doing at home.  



Meet Our Pet Sitting Team

Not only do our sitters love pets, but our pets love them. So will yours.

Teresa York


Belinda Zuckswert


Chaney Coyne

Hanford Sitter

Our Team
Katie Berrett

Hanford & Lemoore Sitter

Becca Jones

Hanford Sitter

Lindsey Lewis

Lemoore NAS Sitter

Becca Jones
Camren Canseco

Lemoore Sitter

Sleeping Dogs
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