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Part III Prepare your Pet For an Emergency: Evacuation Plan

Step 3: Evacuation Plan

a. Buddy. In case you not home, have a buddy pre-designated to check on your pet. This could be a neighbor, friend, family member or pet sitter that has a key to your home.

b. Shelters. Many shelters can only take people, not pets. Identify shelters in your area that could house your pet.

1. Have a list of phone numbers of local hotels that except pets

2. Phone numbers of local shelters, vets and kennels that can board pets.

3. Consider an out of town friend.

4. Connect with local emergency management for further resources.

For Large Animals: determine several evacuation routes. Contact neighbors that can assist with trailers to take animals out of the area. Most County Fairgrounds are used for housing large animals. Ensure that these areas will have food and water before transport. Bring bedding and food.

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