TLAC wants to be part of your family. Before you leave, TLAC comes to visit you and your pets. We want to gather all the information about your pets to take good care of them.  So by the time we come for our first visit, your pets are familiar with the pet sitter. Each time you ask TLAC to pet sit for you the same person will come. We want our pet sitter to become part of your pet's family. 

Oh, its the first time you have left your pet and you are worrying...You can find out what is happening at home by logging onto our website and checking your sitter's daily notes. You can check in whenever its convenient for you.

Tender Loving Animal Care has "animal" in our name because
we take care of all kinds of pets.  We care for birds, chameleons, hamsters, fish, rats, goats, donkeys, snakes, lizards and of course, dogs & cats.  We do tend family farms so that you can get away and still have all the animals fed & watered. Maybe you have a pet that is not on our list..neither was the chameleon until his owner called.
TLAC wants to part of your family 
"Keep Your Pet at Home, But Not Alone"